New pages uploaded November 12, 2006

There are new pages uploaded, all showing different sights at Wat Benchamabopit. To see, go to the What's new page, or use the links below:

Stained glass windows gallery:

Yellow shuttered building gallery:

Exterior views at Wat Benchamabopit:

and, Buddha images:


2006-11-12 09:33:42 GMT
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Funny, I didn't notice the Buddahs until I read your comments above. I like the organized spaces and the almost crayola colors of maroonish red and gold.

Hope all is well with you, Brent.

Dawn Meisenheimer Lewis

2008-01-19 06:04:23 GMT
Woah, Brent. I like the to and from school series. I noticed the shoes most. When the young women/girls have a uniform, the shoes often tell the personality. The boldness of the girl with the pink heels and an anlkle bracelet. The little girls all have shoes that say they are pure, but the older ones, wow, they seem to be expressing themselves in a sort of code. I assumed a lot when reading the shoes. The hair has the same effect, as does the tighness of blouse and height of skirt. It's not just a short skirt or tight blouse either, but the combination of the shoes with these other factors that says a lot about the personality of the young woman in uniform. It is late, so I only got through the "going to school" series. Hey, why does a dad have a helmet on but he doesn't have one for his little girl? Actually, in that moped shot, I saw a man who did care greatly for his daughter...but then it hit me that he was wearing a helmet and she wasn't.
2008-01-19 06:16:36 GMT
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